Tuesday 14 June 2011

And I thought my boat was big!!!!!!

Well, what would you say if someone offered you the chance to troll from Ft Lauderdale, FL to Hilton Head, SC ?

My two older sons and I had an opportunity to travel on a 68' Hatteras from Ft. Lauderdale, FL to Hilton Head, SC. We skirted the Bahamas trolling the whole way and the only thing we caught were barracuda and lot's of them.. The only time we didn't troll was in the dead of night.
Once we reached the Florida Georgia border I made some suggestions to Captain Miles because we were now in the waters that we fish as Team X-TA-SEA. Just south of the South Ledge we started to pick up some mahi. We spent about two hours there and picked up 4 or 5 Mahi that were mixed in with the barracuda. We decided to high-speed troll towards the Deli before heading shallower to spend the night. Within 15 minutes we had a 32 lb wahoo and 23lb bull dolphin in the fishbox.
We then spent the night near a nearshore reef (we didn't have any of our coordinates). At 8:00 the next morning the first cobia we caught was undersized but the action picked up. I was only awake about 5 minutes when my first cobia came over the rail. We even sent up a kite and caught two cobia off the kite. There were lots of tiger sharks working the area with pods of cobia sticking close by. We managed to entice a few away from sharks using jigs. What a thrill it is to watch a cobia leave the pack and come chase down your jig!
We ended up the day with 11 keeper cobia and 5 undersized that were released. Yours truly caught the biggest cobia weighing exactly 65 lbs!
We had our lines in by 2:30 and finished our trip to Hilton Head with a loaded down fish box.
Captain Chris Page


  1. Tiger Sharks, you say? Sign me up!!

  2. What a catch! It surely is a pride for sailors and fishermen to catch a fish as big as that! That takes me back to my childhood, when my grandpa, who was a fisherman, tried to catch a big fish while sailing. He wasn’t able to catch something like that, but he was proud of every fish he caught! [Delena Millener]